25 of the Best Low-Light Houseplants to Liven up Your Decor

A horizontal image of a tidy interior room with a shelving unit against a gray wall filled with different tropical houseplants, a wooden floor, and two modern chairs.

If you’ve always wanted lush greenery in your home but lack the daylight many plants crave, it’s time to try one or more of our favorite low-light houseplants. Indoor gardening is a fun and relaxing hobby when you choose varieties appropriate to your surroundings. Read on to find your new favorites from our list of 25.

How to Select the Best Houseplant Potting Soil and Containers

A close up horizontal image of houseplants in the process of being repotted on a wooden surface.

Choosing the right potting soil and container is part of the foundation of exceptional houseplant care. If you choose the wrong pot and medium, you’ll never have a thriving, happy plant. But there are lots of options out there. This guide helps you cut through the confusion to make the best choices for your plant.

How to Identify and Control Fungus Gnats on Houseplants

A close up horizontal image of a yellow sticky trap with fungus gnats stuck to the surface pictured on a soft focus background.

Houseplants and fungus gnats go hand in hand, but one of them is not welcome in your home. Though usually just a nuisance insect, the larvae can turn from feeding on organic matter to chewing on plant roots. This guide covers everything you need to know about these tiny flies and strategies you can use to control them.

Add These 5 Nontoxic Houseplants to Your Home Decor ASAP

5 Nontoxic Houseplants That You Need to Get ASAP | GardenersPath.com

Want to spruce up your indoor decor? Houseplants are the way to go! Enhance living spaces with pet-safe varieties that are easy to maintain – and that may help to eliminate airborne toxins. Discover five potted beauties that are sure to refresh your surroundings – read more now on Gardener’s Path.

How to Bottom Water Houseplants

A close up horizontal image of a collection of houseplants by a window with sun streaming in.

Are you still watering plants from the top with a watering can? Maybe it’s time to try bottom watering. Also known as reverse watering, this technique has some advantages that can result in healthier, happier plants. This guide helps you learn when and why you should use bottom watering, and how to do it the right way.

23 Colorful Houseplants to Warm Up Your Home This Winter

A close up of the red and green foliage of the evergreen houseplant, Aglaonema.

Wintertime can be dreary. Why not brighten things up with colorful houseplants? Learn about 23 of our favorites to find the best options suited to your indoor conditions and decor. From fresh and tropical to old school, plants are available in your favorite colors that are sure to thrive in your home. Read more now.

Grow Indoor Air Plants for Living Wall Art

Tillandsia Wall Sculpture | GardenersPath.com

Need to energize a ho-hum space? Do it with tillandsia. These unique air plants require no soil, and add color, interest, and texture to any décor. Create exotic tropical arrangements and vary them to suit your mood. Learn about this intriguing flowering species from your friends at Gardener’s Path.

Terrariums: Mini-Landscapes for any Decor

Transform a living space with the addition of a small indoor garden in the form of a terrarium | GardenersPath.com

Would you like a miniature indoor garden that’s virtually maintenance free? Let’s make a terrarium! Turn an empty container into a lush, eye-catching display with plants like ferns, ivy, moss, and violets. Learn everything you need to make your own natural work of art, right here on Gardener’s Path.