How to Grow Delightful Dahlias: A Late Summer Standard

A close up horizontal image of a garden filled with late summer blooming dahlias in a variety of different shapes and colors.

Looking for reliable, bold color for the late season garden? Delightful dahlias are a perfect fit. From dwarf cultivars to jumbo dinner plates, and in almost every imaginable color, these dazzling tubers flower consistently from summer until they’re felled by frost. Read all about how to plant and grow dahlias now.

Azalea Bloom Times and Flowering Groups

A close up horizontal image of a variety of different colored azalea flowers growing in the garden.

Azaleas are a mainstay of the spring garden, but the show doesn’t have to end just because the season does. With several summer and fall flowering specimens, you can enjoy their gorgeous floral display right until frosty temperatures arrive. Read all about azalea bloom times and flowering groups for months of flowers.

Tips for Growing Weeping Forsythia

A close up horizontal image of two large weeping forsythia (F. suspensa) shrubs in full bloom growing by a pathway with trees in soft focus in the background.

Weeping forsythia is a late winter to early spring sensation with its gracefully arching branches covered in little yellow flowers. It’s easy to grow in full sun and well-draining soil in USDA Hardiness Zones 5 to 8. Read on for pro tips to guide you in cultivating healthy, show-stopping shrubs in your landscape.

7 Reasons Why Your Hydrangea May Not Bloom

A close up horizontal image of a flower bud on a hydrangea plant surrounded by foliage in soft focus.

Is there anything more disappointing than when it’s well into summer and your hydrangeas still aren’t blooming? In this guide, we’ll help you figure out what on earth went wrong, whether it’s a pruning issue or you have a light problem, and what you can do to fix it so you can enjoy those magnificent blossoms again.

How to Plant and Grow Montauk Daisies

A close up horizontal image of the pretty white flowers with yellow centers of Nipponanthemum nipponicum, aka Montauk daisy growing in the garden.

A good late season bloomer can be hard to find, but don’t worry – Montauk daisies have got your back. This tough perennial features large, vibrant white flowers with bold yellow centers that stay in bloom until first frost. Learn how to grow these lovely, easy-to-tend perennials in this guide. Read more now.

5 Reasons to Rejuvenate Forsythia with Hard Pruning

A close up horizontal image of an overgrown forsythia shrub with bright yellow flowers pictured on a blue sky background.

Forsythia is a low-maintenance shrub that grows in full sun and average, well-draining soil. It’s famous for its bountiful yellow spring blooms. Depending upon the age and condition of yours, it may be beneficial to do a hard pruning. Read on to learn how to decide when this practice is the appropriate action to take.

How to Grow Jacob’s Ladder: Regal Shade-Blooming Perennial

A close up horizontal image of bright blue flowers growing in the garden in a shady spot with a sunny lawn in soft focus in the background.

Are you looking for a flower that thrives in cool, moist shade? We have the perfect plant for you: Jacob’s ladder. With its beautiful blue petals and yellow stamens, this European species readily naturalizes in the US. Learn all about this hardy perennial now from your friends at Gardener’s Path.

Is Bee Balm Invasive? How to Control Monarda

A close up horizontal image of a large stand of red bee balm flowers growing in the garden taking over an area.

Bee balm (aka Monarda) is one of the most popular plants in North American gardens, but it’s also one of the most likely to get out of control. Is it worth it? With careful placement, the right strategy and tools, and a bit of time, controlling bee balm is easy and worth the effort! Read more to learn our top tips.

21 of the Best Azaleas for Your Garden and Yard

A horizontal image of large azalea bushes in full bloom in a botanical garden with trees and shrubs in the background.

Bright and beautiful, azaleas add gorgeous colors in spring, summer, and fall. Tidy, low maintenance shrubs, they’re suitable for light shade to full sun and sparkle in borders, containers, foundations, flowering hedges, woodland edges, and more. Discover 21 of the best azaleas for your garden and yard in this guide.

How to Propagate Azaleas for Gorgeous New Shrubs

A close up horizontal image of azaleas blooming in the garden in a mixed planting with lawn in soft focus in the background.

Because hybrid cultivars don’t grow true from seed, three smart ways to increase and enjoy beautiful azaleas in your yard or garden is to multiply them vegetatively through cuttings or by stem or air layering. Learn how to propagate azaleas for gorgeous new shrubs in this step by step guide. Read more now.

How to Grow and Care for Common Thyme

A close up horizontal image of a small thyme bush growing in a garden border pictured in light filtered sunshine.

Thyme is best known for its culinary uses, but the easy-to-grow herb is also medicinal and a valuable ornamental plant. It adds a subtle charm to front borders, attracts beneficial insects, and makes a perfect companion plant for many other landscape favorites. Learn how to grow thyme in this guide. Read more now.

How to Grow Your Own Curry Leaf Tree

A close up horizontal image of a curry leaf tree growing in a pot outdoors.

Curry leaf tree is a tropical bush that has incredibly delicious leaves with a bright citrus flavor that kicks up dishes from all kinds of cuisines. It happily grows in containers, indoors or out, so there’s no reason not to give it a go. In this guide, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to grow your own.

Why Won’t My Bee Balm Flower?

A close up horizontal image of a purple flower pictured on a soft focus background.

If it’s well into summer and your bee balm plants still aren’t displaying their signature colorful fountainhead flowers, check out this guide to pinpoint whether the problem is your climate, soil fertility, irrigation, crowding, pests, or disease issues. Then, get them blooming in no time with these tips. Read more.

How to Care for Cold-Damaged Forsythia

A close up horizontal image of the branches of a woody shrub covered in a layer of snow pictured on a soft focus background.

If your spring forsythia display isn’t up to par, it could be because the shrubs have suffered cold weather damage. Unusually low temperatures and frozen precipitation can wreak havoc on plant tissue. Read on to discover the warning signs and steps you can take to try to restore your forsythia to its former glory.

Add Color to Your Shade Garden with 15 of the Best Astilbe Varieties

A horizontal image of a number of different varieties of astilbe growing in a perennial border with pink, red, and white flowers.

Astilbes provide a range of color options for the shade garden, and they look lovely when planted in tight groups. They offer a range of sizes and bloom times, appearing any time from late spring to late summer and provide reliable interest and appeal to your landscape. Discover 15 favorite astilbe varieties in our guide.

Grow Mountain Laurel for an Impressive Garden Landscape

A close up horizontal image of pink and white Kalmia latifolia flowers pictured on a soft focus background.

Mountain laurel is a low maintenance shrub with spectacular clusters of blooms each spring and attractive evergreen foliage. It can be incorporated into any landscape and is a perfect choice for woodland gardens, hedges, or foundation plantings. Learn how to grow and care for mountain laurel in this guide. Read more now.

5 Tips for Pruning Forsythia

A close up horizontal image of the bright yellow blooms of a flowering shrub in the spring garden.

The bright yellow blossoms of arching and upright forsythia varieties are springtime favorites. To keep yours in top form, it’s important to know when and how to prune them. Read on to discover 5 tips that will help you hone your skills and have bushes that are healthier and more attractive than you thought possible.

How to Grow and Care for Prairie Onion

A close up horizontal image of pink prairie onion flowers blooming in wildflower meadow pictured on a soft focus background.

Prairie onion is an ornamental native perennial with pretty, pink-toned, star-shaped flowers, and edible leaves and bulbs. Suitable for a variety of landscaping uses, including rock gardens, Allium stellatum is drought-tolerant, and thrives in a variety of soil types. Learn how to grow prairie onion in this guide.