15 of the Best Brussels Sprout Varieties to Grow at Home

A close up horizontal image of a mature brussels sprout plant growing in the garden, with purple stems and buds ready to harvest pictured with water droplets on the leaves.

Looking for a type of brussels sprout that won’t tip over in the wind, or one that won’t succumb to deadly mildew? How about a cultivar with tiny buds that are perfect for freezing? No matter what you’re looking for, we have 15 of the best varieties of brussels sprouts to share that are sure to suit your needs.

How to Harvest Brussels Sprouts

A close up of a brussels sprout stalk with mature buds ready for harvesting, on a soft focus background.

Are you growing brussels sprouts in your garden and wondering how best to harvest them? There’s nothing better than a homegrown sprout, fresh off the stalk. Learn when to pick them for the sweetest flavor and the different ways to go about it – plus some maintenance tips to ensure you get the best crop. Read more now.

How to Plant and Grow Brussels Sprouts

A close up horizontal image of brussels sprouts ready to harvest pictured in light sunshine.

Are you a fan of Brussels sprouts? Gotten over your childhood hatred of the green gems? Homegrown sprouts taste even better than the ones you’ll find at the store. They’re challenging to grow, but the flavor is well worth the effort. Don’t be discouraged, find your way to success with sprouts now in this guide.

Pruning Brussels Sprouts: Tips for Success

A close up horizontal image of rows of brussels sprouts growing in the garden.

Growing brussels sprouts is a challenge, and understanding when and how to prune is part of the puzzle. Should you cut the tops off, and when? Is pruning the lower leaves necessary? Plus, studies have shown pruning at the wrong time can ruin your harvest. This guide has all the details you need to do it right.

Loose-Leafed Brussels Sprouts: What to Do for Poorly Formed Heads

A horizontal image of brussels sprouts with loose heads.

Your brussels sprout heads were starting to form and you were already dreaming of roasting those tasty nuggets in butter when things went south. The heads started to open, or they became loose and poorly formed. What went wrong? What can you do to fix it? We’ll help you to troubleshoot and fix the problem in this guide.

How to Identify and Manage Common Brussels Sprout Diseases

A close up horizontal image of brussels sprout plants growing in the garden suffering from disease.

No one wants to lose their harvest to pathogens. Brussels sprout diseases can range from cosmetic to deadly, and knowing which is which and how to deal with them is key to a successful harvest. This guide helps you handle the most common diseases, and includes tips on how to avoid them in the first place. Read more.

Common Brussels Sprout Pests: What’s Eating My Plants?

A close up horizontal image of small cabbage white caterpillars on a brussels sprout leaf pictured on a soft focus background.

As any adult knows, brussels sprouts are absolutely marvelous. Sadly, pests seem to agree. They won’t hesitate to take a nibble out of your plants. Not only can they threaten your harvest by harming your sprouts, they can spread diseases too. Don’t let it happen to you. We’ll show you how to identify and stop them.

Tips for Growing Brussels Sprouts in Winter

A close up horizontal image of Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera in the snow pictured on a snowy winter landscape.

Brussels sprouts are a cool weather crop suitable for cultivation in USDA Hardiness Zones 3-9 and their flavor is improved by a light frost. But what about if a heavy freeze is in the forecast? Learn how to protect your brussels sprouts and enjoy a fresh winter harvest in this guide. Read more now.