Top down view of freshly harvest hazelnuts.


Do you want to add some delightful shade and delicious, nutritious hazelnuts to your garden? Growing a hazelnut tree can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. With the right care, they can provide nuts for years of delicious treats while adding charm to your outdoor spaces. Learn all the tricks of successfully growing your own with our comprehensive guides. From planting tips to cultivating and caring for your trees to harvesting and storing your nuts – our tips will help you to ensure a healthy crop of tasty hazelnuts year after year!

How to Identify, Control, and Treat Eastern Filbert Blight

A close up of the branches of a hazelnut tree suffering from Eastern filbert blight, showing dark cankers on the stem, pictured in light filtered sunshine.

While the American hazelnuts grown on the East Coast are resistant to Eastern filbert blight, this disease can be devastating to the prized European cultivars commonly grown in Oregon and Washington State. Ready to learn how to identify, prevent, and manage this potentially lethal disease? Read more now.

How to Harvest Hazelnuts

A close up horizontal image of filberts ripening on a tree pictured in light evening sunshine, surrounded by foliage in soft focus in the background.

There is nothing better than filling your kitchen with the nutty scent of roasting hazelnuts that were picked at the peak of ripeness from the trees in your yard. Fortunately, harvesting your own hazelnuts is so much easier than you might think. Read more now for the best tips on how to pick and preserve your own crop.

How to Grow Hazelnut Trees

A close up, horizontal image of ripe, brown hazelnuts, also called filberts or cobnuts, growing on the tree, ready for harvest. Pictured in light filtered sunshine with foliage in soft focus in the background.

Hazelnuts, also known as filberts, are easy-to-grow compact trees that begin producing buttery sweet nuts in just a few years. Since they can be pruned to a shrub or tree shape, they are a great choice if you don’t have a lot of space but want to grow and harvest your own nuts. Read on to learn how to grow hazelnuts.