Close up of cherry fruit hanging from a tree.

Fruiting Cherry

If you’re looking to add a touch of springtime color and delicious fruit to your garden, consider growing a cherry tree! These beautiful trees come in many varieties, and with proper care, can provide you with years of enjoyment and homegrown fruit. In our guides down below, we’ll teach you how to grow and care for fruiting cherry trees, cultivar selection, disease and pest control, and how to harvest your own crop. Happy gardening!

How to Grow and Care for Fruiting Cherry Trees

Close up of ripe, dark red sweet cherries hanging from a branch.

Cherry trees produce bounties of delicious fruit every year and are handsome additions to the landscape. The trees are beautiful in the spring, provide tasty fruit in the summer, and display architectural winter interest. Learn to grow and enjoy the freshest fruit with Gardener’s Path growing guide now.

9 of the Best Cold-Hardy Cherry Trees

Branch of chokecherry (Prunus virginiana) with ripe berries.

Think it’s impossible to find a cold-hardy cherry tree that will survive in cold, northern climates? On the contrary – you can harvest delicious cherries, sweet or sour, so long as you pick the right variety. Discover the 9 best cold-tolerant cultivars that will produce your summer cherry bumper crop. To get the sweet lowdown, keep reading.