Trent Rhode

Contributing Writer

While studying journalism in college in 2003, Trent Rhode stumbled upon the world of gardening while working on an assignment. He has been captivated by walnut trees, kiwi vines, daylilies, and the ecology of gardens and farms ever since.

In recent years, Trent has shifted focus from his gardening company to his permaculture farm, where he is developing and running educational courses and programs for and with his interns and students.

Trent enjoys growing and intermixing all types of plants, from annual vegetables to perennial flowers, fruit and nut trees, and endangered plants. He remains an ongoing student of the natural world through both direct experience and continual studies in ecology, botany, and agriculture.

When he’s not on the land, Trent loves sharing his passions through his writing, with a particular interest in providing tips and tricks for working in harmony with natural processes to allow nature to do some of the heavy lifting in the garden.

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