Tori Vallana, RD, LDN

Tori Vallana
Contributing Writer and Nutritional Expert

Tori Vallana is a registered dietitian based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When she was growing up, her parents and grandparents always had a vegetable garden. Her large Italian family taught her the importance of utilizing these fresh foods in the kitchen − i.e. lots of garlic.

This enthusiasm for garden-fresh foods drove her choices with reference to her career path, beginning with advanced study. Tori holds an associate’s degree in baking and pastry arts from Westmoreland County Community College, and a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics from Seton Hill University.

As a dietitian, Tori teaches her clients and patients about making food, and nutrition that is simplified and adaptable to everyday life. She focuses on the individual and their lifestyle to find a healthy diet plan that will be effective and lasting.

When she is not counseling patients or writing about food and nutrition, Tori loves to be in the kitchen, cooking and baking. You can also catch her (if you can) running through the City of Bridges in preparation for her next big race!

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