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Natasha Foote always had a passion for farm life and the great outdoors, starting with working at a local stable from the ripe old age of thirteen. Throughout her studies, she “branched out” from her interest in animals, and discovered a love for plants instead.

Initially pursuing an interest in plant genetics during her undergraduate studies in the biological sciences, she quickly grew bored with laboratory life and all of its clinical whiteness, and decided instead to find something a bit greener.

This led her to pursue a master’s degree in environment, development, and policy, focusing on environmental and food production issues from policy and social perspectives. This helped her interest in food to bloom, especially her time spent working with the Real Junk Food Project, a local organization that aims to prevent food waste whilst reconnecting people to their food and educating them on the importance of healthy eating.

After time spent working for the Pesticide Action Network, an NGO that advocates for ways to build soil and grow healthy plants without the need for chemical inputs, she worked for a while with the French association Fermes d’Avenir (Farms of the Future), where she discovered agroecology and the power of trees for the first time.

Not doing anything by halves, this became a passion that Natasha threw herself into with gusto, living and working on an agroforestry project in Greece where she helped to plant over 8,000 trees in one year. From researching innovative biological techniques to implement on the farm, to creating and running a blog, this unbe-leaf-able time spent with the Mazi Farm project transformed her life. It was also the first time she grew and ate her own food, which is now something she couldn’t see her life without.

An ardent advocate of eating local, seasonal, and healthy foods, she now happily resides in the home of good food itself, the south of France, where – when she has time in between sampling all the local delectable fruit and veg on offer! – she is working as a freelance writer covering all things agricultural and environmental.

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