Nan Schiller

Contributing Writer & Editor

Nan Schiller is a writer with deep roots in the soil of southeastern Pennsylvania. Her great-grandparents had a “farm-ette” in the rolling hills of Chester County, complete with mushroom houses, cornfields, and spring lambs.

Born in New York, her family made its way back to PA where her parents purchased a suburban colonial, set amid specimen plantings nurtured and cataloged by the seller. With her own tiny rake and hoe, she learned to love the land entrusted to her. Two cherished memories from this time include starting seedlings in egg cartons, and weaving trellises of kitchen string across split rail fences for blue Morning Glories to climb in the summertime.

Tireless home gardeners, Nancy’s parents tackled projects with gusto, designing landscapes, digging beds, chipping branches, and shredding leaves for mulch. Their greatest challenge involved experimenting with acres of shade perennials, documenting successes and failures until a harmonious arrangement thrived beneath the tulip and beech trees that towered above the grounds. On her hands and knees, she learned everything her folks had to teach.

Years later, with a business degree from Villanova and experience as a features writer and editor, Nancy was back at her parents’ place, growing vegetables with her husband and children in the only sunny section of the property. The kids took to the soil like it was in their genes – which it was! Both worked on a farm, and appreciate locally sourced foods.

With time for fun, Nancy earned a certificate of Merit in Floral Design from Longwood Gardens and managed the floral department of a Chester County Inn very close to her family’s first Pennsylvania home, in the heart of mushroom country.

Fast forward – with years of landscape and floral design experience, and some time for fun, Nancy writes humorous and informative articles on gardening, food, parenting, and real estate.

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