Matt Suwak

Contributing Writer

Growing up on a dying apple orchard is where it all began.

Matt drew his first breath under the shadow of Bald Mountain in northeastern Pennsylvania, then immediately was thrust into an education of the forest and field. Sunday mornings found him in a tree canopy cathedral traipsing along the forest floor counting the grouse and turkey, lifting over stones to see what lived underneath, and counting the petals on a daisy. Summer nights were for fishing and bat watching, and winter days were reserved for solo walks through the snowpack of the forest.

This connection to the outdoors has an arterial significance in his life, and he has counted his blessings to have experienced the outdoors and wildlife while living in southern California, Arizona, Utah, and throughout the great state of Pennsylvania.

Plants maintain a special grip on his heartstrings. He has worked at nurseries tending and cultivating plants at all stages of life, in garden centers educating customers on the best strategy for their personal goals, and as a landscaper and gardener establishing new designs and updating and maintaining old ones. Most of what he’s learned has been absorbed from eager teachers, stacks of books, and trial and error. But what he knows has developed from a lifetime of listening to, and loving, the outdoors.

His focuses with gardening are centered on sustainability, design, and environmental soundness. Matt believes in a garden designed to be a patchwork piece of a quilt covering the community. Integrating wildlife, native species, and environmentally sound practices into gardening is his ideal trifecta. He adores perennials, woody trees and shrubs, herbs and vegetables, and annual flowers.

He now lives in Philadelphia with his fiancée and their pets Darwin and Eleanor. His free time is invested in – you guessed it – the outdoors, and in pursuing passionate but short-lived forays into new interests. This leaves him with a wide (if shallow) breadth of experience and approximate knowledge.

Matt loves cold beer on a hot day, the music of Neil Young and Frédéric Chopin, and a good pair of shoes. He can throw a football ten miles from a standing position.

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