Lorna Kring

Contributing Writer

Lorna Kring is a writer, artist, entrepreneur, and passionate gardener.

Her appreciation for the joys and rewards of gardening started early, as her family planted a large vegetable plot each year to complement the berry patches, fruit and nut trees, and flower beds that grew outside her childhood home.

Throughout her upbringing in the early ’60s – a time when deep freezes and pressure canners were hitting their stride – Lorna put up voluminous amounts of homegrown goodness with her mother and the neighborhood ladies (and they did it with gusto)! During that era, it was the food-smart way to go.

Naturally, garden tasks were involved in the family food chain. It was in the family garden that her love of the natural world was truly nurtured.

After finishing high school, the lure of travel called, and Lorna’s adventures in gardening were set aside for a time – though far from over. After garnering a cultural education through her travels, Lorna returned home and earned her CGA certification from Selkirk College in Nelson, British Columbia, where she worked in accounting for the next 10 years (and brought her son Drew into the world on New Year’s Day)!

During this time, the Kootenay region of Canada where she lived was a hotbed for the burgeoning organic growing movement, and she was inspired to return to her roots and till up the backyard for a large veggie plot.

Members of her community, descendants of the Doukhobor Russian immigrants, had upheld traditional farming without chemicals and pesticides long before the organic gardening resurgence. Serious about producing high-yield gardens, they were always very generous in sharing their expertise – provided that you didn’t outgrow them in any way.

If you did, all knowledge-sharing was cancelled, and the competition was on!

Feeling the need for a change as a newly single parent, Lorna returned to school again. This time, she earned her FDC from Parisienne-trained couturier Helen Lefeaux, at her School of Fashion Design in Vancouver, BC, while cultivating her gardening talents on the side.

With typical dedication and perseverance, her efforts resulted in a successful, creative career as a costume specialist in TV and film for over 20 years. Her efforts also landed her a wonderful new garden, this time on the shore of British Columbia.

This new garden took on more of sanctuary function – a reduced but still plentiful vegetable plot – while landscaped areas for reflection and meditation grew. Her love of fashion design quickly melded with landscape design, as Lorna created gardenscapes featuring found-art treasures.

Today, she continues in an entrepreneurial vein, providing writing and consulting services on topics she’s passionate about – gardening, healthy cooking, habits for happiness, prosperity, and addiction recovery.

A long-time student of Transcendental Meditation, 12 Step philosophies, and A Course in Miracles, Lorna continues her spiritual growth with volunteer services in the areas of personal healing, recovery, and community garden programs.

Still an avid traveler, she lives on British Columbia’s beautiful Sunshine Coast with her soulmate and partner, Ron. There, she enjoys cooking with local ingredients, organic gardening, artistic endeavors, kayaking… and the life of a well-heeled beach bum!

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