Linsey Knerl

Linsey Knerl
Writer Emeritus

Linsey grew up on a small Nebraska farm, just two houses down from where she now raises her six homeschooled children. Her memories of living the rural life include teaching goats to dance and consuming thousands of wild mulberries every summer.

Today, she works alongside her husband to combine sage wisdom with new gardening techniques, including more natural methods for pest control.

Her career began 10 years ago, as a blogger for lifestyle and educational sites. She then moved on to writing for national print magazines, with many of her articles exploring the hardships common to the beginning and intermediate gardener.

She has an intimate understanding, for example, that a single hail storm or potato bug can spell doom for the fruits of her labor. As such, she has made it her mission to find common-sense ways to help the family garden flourish and hopes to share that knowledge with readers. Her interests include sampling the best heirloom varieties for Midwestern climate and soil conditions.

Linsey believes that everyone can garden – and should! And while she admits to having no great success in keeping tropical plants alive insider her house, she has enjoyed many delicious triumphs from growing things outside (and in their natural habitat). Elderberries, mulberries, squash, and melons are all among her favored projects.

She is also delighted each year when she can put away hundreds of jars of canned garden goodies for her kids to enjoy through the cold Nebraska winters.  Her passion for preserving is almost as great as her desire to grow; she is eager to share her favorite tips for using dehydrators, root cellars, fermentation, and pickling to preserve the harvest.

When Linsey is not gardening or blogging, you can usually find her locked away in her room, working feverishly on her next fantasy novel. She also has a well-worn recipe book from her grandmother where all of her favorite old-world Danish recipes are kept. As such, she’ll use a leek in any recipe that allows it and admits that the quickest way to her heart is with that good brown gravy you can only make from a perfectly seasoned pork chop.

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