Leslie M.G.

Leslie M.G.
Writer Emeritus

Leslie M.G. is a lifelong vegetarian who grew up in a small rural town in Connecticut. She split her time between school, playing in Long Island Sound, and working on her parents’ small farm, where there were horses, cows, pigs, chickens and goats, not to mention a dog or two, and a resident barn cat.

Leslie’s parents introduced gardening to her at a very early age, bringing her outside with them while they cultivated, planted, maintained, and harvested.

Some of her earliest childhood memories are of going out to the garden in the heat of the summer, barefoot and with a bowl that was big enough for her to sit in, to harvest her share of beans or snap peas or whatever was the harvest of the day. It was in those moments that Leslie’s love for gardening and subsistence agriculture developed, which lead to a deep appreciation for the earth around her.

To this day, nothing tastes better than a fresh tomato just off the vine, or a bright orange carrot just pulled out of the ground. Leslie recognizes the value that farmers have in her local Vermont community and works to share that sentiment with the world.

Leslie also has a background in Montessori education and was a primary Montessori teacher in a public school in Massachusetts for many years. She infused her passion for all things natural with her love of Montessori, children, and education, utilizing as much of the natural environment as she could to bring nature into her urban classroom.

Leslie exposed children who had never seen a garden before to hands-on experiential learning by bringing the natural world to them whenever possible. She believes in the whole child and knows that no matter where a child is from or what their circumstances might be, exposing children to the natural world is a right that should extend to all children, and has always worked hard to make that a reality.

Now working as a writer, Leslie splits her days between writing and working in the garden, and her nights dreaming of bare feet and tank tops, swimming, a long growing season, and sunshine. She lives with her wife, two dogs, and one cat on a small, six-acre farm in southern Vermont.

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