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Writer & Review Specialist Emeritus

Kelly Burgess is a product review specialist who loves gardening, creating outdoor living spaces with fun, funky decor, and writing. Her green thumb comes from a long line of passionate, talented gardeners and one of her earliest memories is of her mom giving her a little plot in the backyard so she could “garden” alongside her.

In her long career as a writer for newspapers and magazines, Kelly has interviewed plenty of garden experts. The best tip she ever heard was this one from a master gardener in Pittsburgh: “If you see a little old lady with a beautiful garden, peek inside her watering can and you’ll see blue water.”

In other words: fertilize.

Although she’s a native of Southern California, Kelly moved to Pittsburgh in the mid-1980s, where all three of her kids were born and raised. Then, in 2014, her husband was transferred to Spokane, Washington so she tagged along with her computer and their three cats.

In Pittsburgh, Kelly landscaped a large, bleak yard with terrible soil, and in Spokane she created a lovely cottage garden out of equally terrible soil. Both experiences taught her the importance of carefully choosing the right plant for the right spot – and of choosing a husband who doesn’t mind spending his weekends digging holes and then filling them back up.

From her own varied gardening experience, Kelly has grown to love suggesting the best products for others to use to make the process easier and more efficient, and the result more beautiful.

When she’s not gardening, Kelly enjoys cooking, eating, reading, and writing.

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