Clare Groom

Associate Editor

Over the years, Clare Groom has called many different places “home.” She grew up in East Africa, where common crop pests included elephants as well as aphids.

Horses were her first love, which helped to keep the compost pile topped up and the doctors in the emergency room busy. An avid reader and writer, Clare’s nose was always in a book or you could find her writing yet another fantastical story about these beautiful animals.

After graduating, Clare followed her dream as a classical rider and dressage trainer with the South African Lipizzaners. During this time, she wrote prolifically about the history of classical riding and the Baroque horse.

In London, Clare founded a recruitment agency supplying substitute teachers. School holidays allowed for a lot of travel – mostly to India where she got involved in tiger conservation efforts, fundraising, and writing pitches.

Another career change followed, with Clare taking on the role of an independent bond derivatives trader. A member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, she sometimes felt a bit like Eddie Murphy in Trading Places.

Life in London allowed Clare to pursue her love of the arts. As an avid supporter of the National Theatre, if she wasn’t at her desk, she was attending yet another theatre or opera production.

For the past ten years, Clare has been a board director/trustee for a performing arts charity in Kenya, working with educational projects around HIV, FGM, environmental matters, and extremism.

After retiring from the high-octane world of financial futures, Clare now enjoys the peaceful pace of life in rural New Zealand, chasing possums off her zucchini, and renovating an old house in a small town – slowly, and not very surely.

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