Casea Peterson

Casea Peterson
Writer Emeritus

Casea Peterson discovered her love for gardening and cultivating at a young age. Living in the Pacific Northwest enabled her to grow year-round, and she quickly fell in love with the idea of harvesting food for sustenance. Her lifestyle is centered in the outdoors and using the natural resources that surround her for survival.

Casea spent her early twenties in Alaska, experiencing the last frontier and studying, working toward a BA degree in English. Some time after graduating she returned to the Pacific Northwest and began writing for a publishing company focused on the outdoors. By involving herself with other nature lovers and cultivators, she found that she was thriving – and knew right away this was the industry for her.

Casea spends her days involved in various outdoor activities, from gardening, hiking, and camping to fishing, hunting, and exploring. She then shares her experiences with other outdoor enthusiasts and like-minded souls. Casea loves teaching others about the possibilities of the land and the benefits that come from growing closer with the outdoors.

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