Briana Yablonski

Briana Yablonski
Writer Emeritus

Briana Yablonski grew up in a small town in East Central Pennsylvania, set amidst rolling mountains and gently flowing streams. From a young age, she adored spending time outside. She waded into creeks looking for crawfish and spent hours watching birds at the feeder. As she grew older, she developed a deep appreciation for plants, food, and the environment.

She studied plant sciences at Penn State University, while working in a soil biogeochemistry lab and organizing students around the formation of a student-run farm. After graduation, she worked on a vegetable farm in the Shenandoah Mountain region of Virginia. That year, she fell in love with the hard yet rewarding work of growing vegetables, as she trellised tomatoes and harvested thousands of bunches of greens.

For the past six years, she has been working as a vegetable farmer. She has experienced a variety of growing climates and conditions as while working in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Tennessee.

Outside of farming, Briana has built hiking trails with the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps, bicycled across the country with Bike & Build, and worked on hurricane recovery projects with All Hands and Hearts Smart Response.

Briana currently resides in Knoxville, Tennessee, where she’s putting down roots and starting her own market garden, growing vegetables and herbs. Growing in a large yard, she aims to show that small spaces can be extremely productive. When she’s not in the garden, Briana enjoys walking dogs at the local shelter, riding her bike, and hiking the local trails with her significant other.

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