Amber Shidler

Amber Shidler
Writer Emeritus

Amber Shidler is a passionate and resourceful gardener on a budget, working towards self-sufficiency and sustainability, and empowering others to make the most of their properties as well. Amber holds a dual bachelor’s degree in botany and geography from Miami University. She started her career as a horticulturalist with the Cincinnati Park Board, where she designed, installed, and maintained annual and perennial displays in an urban setting for four years.

In 2012 Amber and her husband got their hands on a quaint little property in Cincinnati, Ohio and completely gutted and renovated the house they call home. Amber is now a stay-at-home mom who has set her sights on turning her tenth-of-an-acre lot into a productive oasis.

With experience in landscape design, she knows gardens can be both beautiful and functional. Swiss chard grown as a centerpiece in a container full of pansies truly is a sweet sight in spring. From starting seeds to composting, to building raised beds and installing rain barrels, Amber is a DIY enthusiast who is constantly experimenting with all things gardening.

When she’s not working in her yard, Amber is likely to be found in her kitchen. She is passionate about feeding her family organic, whole foods, which is why she works to grow as much of her own food as possible. With a family herbalist certificate from The School of Natural Healing, Amber is excited to continue working towards her certification as a master herbalist. Overall, her hope as a writer is to give aspiring gardeners confidence, and to inspire them to make the most of their land and resources, as well as to enjoy a life of health and wholeness.

Amber’s love for the outdoors extends far beyond her garden. Backpacking is her excursion of choice, but if stuck indoors (as long as dinner is already cooked), Amber is most likely scouring the web for DIY projects or delicious recipes to try.

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