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Alexis Morin was raised on the wide-open prairie of central Kansas where she first learned the value of grow-your-own. She recalls helping her mother in the garden as a child. Their family of 10 (six brothers and one sister) grew a huge garden each year during spring, summer, and fall. To prepare for the winter months, her mother held an annual canning extravaganza in their family kitchen when the tomatoes were hitting heaviest.

Alexis’s first job was working as a flower carrier for a peony farm that was within biking distance of her house. Proving to be a good hand, she went on to help the same farm with their apple harvest during the fall months. This farm invited her back for a formal internship during her college years, and she learned principles of growing and marketing the fruit of the soil in the form of flowers, vegetables, and fruit.

In college, Alexis enjoyed days filled with reading, writing, and working in the greenhouses on campus at Clemson University, and on weekends she volunteered at the university’s organic farm. After earning her BA in English literature with a minor in horticultural sciences, Alexis moved straight back to Kansas to plant 1,000 blackberry bushes in partnership with her brother, and started a CSA on the family farm. Over the course of six years, she built a customer base of 60 families while servicing additional farmers market customers and a budding on-farm restaurant that is now thriving in Valley Center, Kansas.

Wooed by a handsome Frenchman whom she met through horse training, one of her hobbies, she married and now resides in north Texas. There, she manages a reining horse ranch and spends every free moment she has in her own garden. Though horses remain a significant part of her life, her deep roots in farming and gardening continue to invite nurturing and growth. Alexis loves to study and experiment with gardening techniques, and she is always aspiring to higher levels of simplistic living with less inputs, and a low impact on the environment.

Alexis believes the earth has its own language and we, as citizens of the earth, have the responsibility to learn that language so that we can best serve and care for it. Through daily engagement and curiosity in nature, we all have the power to make a positive impact.

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