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Writer Emeritus

Adrian White is a certified herbalist, organic farmer, and gardener based in the Iowa City area of Iowa.

Adrian has written many health, herbalism, and food-oriented articles that have been published around the web. She has also ghostwritten nearly a dozen published Amazon Kindle e-books on these subjects, many of which are bestsellers.

In 2008 and during her college years at the University of Minnesota, Morris, she was one of the pioneering members who established the first Organic Gardening Club. The Club allocated campus land for the purpose of growing healthy, nutrient dense vegetables for the college’s food service cafeterias.

Adrian began her study of growing and using herbs for food and health in 2009, both independently and with stellar teachers – a study which has led her through many regions including southern Oregon, Appalachia, the Southwest, the Midwest, and South America.

During this time, Adrian also trained and apprenticed to be an organic farmer, with many teachers from around the country. She also conducted and completed a four-month internship in 2009 in southern Ecuador through U of M Morris. At a community farm, Adrian learned native culture, Latin American culture, Spanish, and organic/biodynamic farming practices While there, she apprenticed closely with the farm’s Ecuadorian lead manager, a native farmer for 20+ years.

Adrian later learned CSA management and microgreen production as a participant in projects near Houston, Texas; infrastructure and start-up practices in northern California; animal husbandry and mushroom cultivation in North Carolina; as well as the basic tenets of organic vegetable production in these places and more, including Oregon and Minnesota throughout 2010-2011.

Her educational path finally led her to eastern Iowa in 2012, where she became Field and Pack-Shed Manager, CSA Administrator, and Web Master at Echollective Farm & CSA – a business she still remains connected to and involved in today.

Her main farming, gardening, and herbalism endeavors have sprouted into her own project, Deer Nation Herbs, a developing LLC that grows and produces healthy, organic veggies and greens along with herbal simple syrups, bitters, and shrubs. She is a cooperative grower with the Greenshare LLC of the Iowa City area, making her produce and products available to local restaurants.

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