Top down view of spinach plants growing in a garden.


Spinach is a hardy leafy green vegetable that can withstand frost and harsh weather conditions. It is one of the most popular vegetables in the world, but if you’re new to gardening it might feel daunting to start your own patch. Use our guides down below to learn all you need to know to plant, grow, and harvest your own spinach, find the best cultivars for your area, and control pests and disease. Happy gardening!

How to Pick and Harvest Spinach

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Spinach is a delicious cool weather crop and an excellent leafy green to include in your backyard garden. Whether your plans for your harvest include fresh spring salads or warming autumn stir fries, picking spinach in the right way can ensure a continual harvest. Ready to learn when and how to harvest spinach? Read more now.

37 of the Best Spinach Cultivars to Grow in Your Garden

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With so many fantastic spinach cultivars out there, it’s hard to choose. Narrowing down your options is probably the most challenging part of growing spinach, in fact. We make the task easier by sharing the details of 37 excellent cultivars so you can find the best picks for your garden, to meet your particular needs.

Tips for Growing Spinach in Containers

A close up top down image of a spinach plant growing in a terra cotta pot.

Spinach is nutritious and delicious, perfect for a wide range of recipes. If you want to save space in the garden or only have room on your balcony or patio, why not grow it in containers instead? This leafy green is easy to grow in pots and planters and this guide will walk you through the process. Read more now.

Leafy Greens for Salads and Sautees: How to Grow Spinach

How To Grow Spinach In Your Backyard |

If you don’t love spinach, you just haven’t met the right variety yet! Delicious and packed full of good stuff, this green veggie is a cinch to grow in home gardens. Start a number of varieties in spring, summer, or fall with these proven growing tips from Gardener’s Path.