Calmintha Nepeta

Calamint is a member of the mint family, with variegated, fragrant foliage and larger flowers. This particular variety blooms almost continuously throughout the warm weather. With its tolerance for light shade, it will keep blooming even if the weather is cloudy for an extended period of time. If anything, it seems to thrive on rainy, cool weather.

An attractive, reliable herb.

Vital Statistics
Type: Perennial Water: moderate
Zone: 4-9 Sun: full sun to part shade
Height: 8-12″ Soil: ordinary, well-drained
Starting: Buy plants or sow outdoors in early spring. First year plants may bloom same year, but won’t get as big as established plants. Growing: Doesn’t have any special requirements, except adequate watering in hot weather. Doesn’t mind wet weather.
Etymology: nepeta = ‘Latin for ground ivy, by which was meant catnip’