11 Best Benches for Enjoying a Fresh Garden View

In this modern day of decks and patios, many of us have gotten away from sitting in, or even near, our gardens, close to the flowers and the birds and butterflies that make their homes here.

Looking for a place to sit and relax in the garden? Improve your outdoor space with our review of the best backyard benches: https://gardenerspath.com/gear/outdoor-furniture/best-benches/

My hope is that after reading this review of some of the most attractive and functional outdoor benches available, you’ll think about adding one or more to your outdoor landscape, to bridge the ever-widening gap between us and our natural world.

Bottom Line Up Front: Our 11 Top-Rated Garden Benches

The following eleven models have risen to the top, favorite selections on our radar that offer quality, versatility, originality, aesthetics, and value we know you’re going to appreciate.

  1. Traditional Curved by Campania International
  2. Plow & Hearth Pineapple Metal
  3. Antique Rose Style by Belleze
  4. Wexford Natural Shorea by Oxford Garden
  5. Cedar Countryside by Creekvine Designs
  6. Indoor/Outdoor Reclaimed Wood by Richland
  7. Cynthia Teak Glider Bench by Bayou Breeze
  8. X60 Wooden Backless by GloDea
  9. Classic Vineyard by Little Cottage Company
  10. Guyapi Outdoor Wood by Trent Austin Design
  11. Leora Acacia Wood by Beachcrest Home

Also if you keep reading, we’ll also discuss some other considerations that you might want to thing about when purchasing.

Reviews Our Favorite Garden Benches

1. Traditional Curved by Campania International: Our Top Pick

Our top pick is the Traditional Curved Garden Bench by Campania International.

Produced in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, this model consists of three pieces of cast stone, measures 40” W x 15” D x 16” H, and weighs a hefty 229 pounds.

It’s available in natural and 11 earth-tone patinas, applied by hand for a truly original piece. Two ornate legs support a gently bowed seat, decoratively edged for a classic and timeless appearance.

Campania International BE-03-CB Traditional Curved Bench, Copper Bronze

This is the type of seat my great-grandparents enjoyed resting upon, at the top of a hill, flanked by giant hostas, overlooking the flower beds and farm fields below. By the time I saw it as a child, it was already 50 years old, and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it’s still there today.

This model is intended for placement on firm ground, where it will remain, weather naturally, and become an integral part of your landscape for the enjoyment of generations to come. It’s made to last a lifetime.

I emailed the manufacturer to find out the seated weight capacity for this product. My query remains unanswered at the time of this writing, but as it is cast stone, my estimation is that it exceeds that of our other featured products.

Key Features:

  • Cast stone
  • 40” W x 15” D x 16” H
  • 229 pounds
  • 12 finishes
  • Classic style


  • Lifetime use
  • Ample weight capacity


  • Heavy to relocate

The Traditional Curved Garden Bench is available from Amazon.

2. Plow & Hearth Pineapple Metal: Our Bargain Pick

Our bargain pick is the Pineapple Metal Garden Bench from Plow & Hearth

This seat is made from steel that’s powder-coated in a verdigris shade of green that gives the illusion of a gently worn patina, while providing exceptional weather resistance.

Its detailed back features cast iron scrollwork surrounding a gilded version of the colonial symbol of welcome, the pineapple.

A comfortable slatted seat efficiently sheds rainwater, and gently curved arms outline a graceful profile and provide additional support.

Metal Pineapple Bench | GardenersPath.com

Pineapple Metal Garden Bench

An attractive addition to any outdoor setting, this model measures 50″ W x 21″ D x 33.5″ H and weighs 37.4 pounds.

I emailed the company and received a prompt response to my query, which speaks well for their attention to customer service. In addition, customers have received advice on purchasing cushions to fit this seat via their website.

A tie-style cushion, model #35652, measuring 48 x 19 x 3 inches, is available from Plow & Hearth in a variety of colors and patterns. Be sure to scroll down the sales page to the appropriate model number when making your selection.

Lime green swing or bench cushion with ties, isolated on a white background.

Polyester Classic Swing/Bench Cushion With Ties 35652

Customer service also recommends coating the bench with polyurethane to enhance its resistance to winter weather.

Plow & Hearth accepts returns or exchanges within ninety days of purchase. Shipping charges apply. Customers have one year to return defective merchandise with no shipping charges.

Key Features:

  • Powder-coated steel and cast iron
  • 50″ W x 21″ D x 33.5 ” H
  • 37.4 pounds
  • Verdigris and gold
  • 400-pound weight capacity
  • Colonial inspired
  • Assembly required


  • Budget friendly
  • Lightweight and moveable
  • Ample weight capacity


  • May feel hot in direct sunlight

The Pineapple Metal Garden Bench is available from Plow & Hearth.

3. Antique Rose Style by Belleze

This vintage-style settee has a cast iron frame and measures 39” W x 20” D x 31.5” H. With a cast aluminum seat, the overall product weight is just 30 pounds.

A pattern of interwoven rose blossoms, leaves, and branches adorns the curved seatback and legs, while a threesome of open-heart wheels embellishes the gently bowed seat.

Flared legs deliver a stable base for this cozy loveseat for two. Choose from three color finishes: bronze, green, or white.

Belleze Antique Designed Rose Style Outdoor Garden Bench

Perfect for a cottage garden setting, seating of this nature harks back to the Victorian era, parasols, and lemonade socials.

Key Features:

  • Cast iron and aluminum
  • 39” W x 20” D x 31.5” H
  • 30 pounds
  • Bronze, green, and white models
  • 330-pound weight capacity
  • Vintage style
  • Assembly required


  • Easy to move
  • Flared legs for stability


  • May feel hot in direct sunlight

The Antique Rose Style Bench is available from Amazon.

4. Wexford Natural Shorea by Oxford Garden

A clean, crisp, Craftsman design makes this seat perfect for traditional or contemporary settings.

It’s made of shorea, a dense, oil-rich Southeast Asian hardwood that’s an affordable alternative to teak. It resists rotting and insect infestation, measures 43” W X 24” D X 35” H, and weighs 51 pounds.

Wood Bench for the Backyard | GardenersPath.com

Wexford 43-Inch Natural Shorea Patio Bench

Oxford Garden is a green company located in Louisville, Kentucky, that manufactures its products with the environment in mind. The generous use of quality materials, aesthetically appealing designs, and expert craftsmanship are the company’s hallmarks.

Solidly constructed with mortise and tenon joints, all furniture is dry-fitted prior to shipment to ensure a positive customer assembly experience.

This model is untreated, and ages to subtle shades of gray. However, the manufacturer states that you may choose instead to preserve its natural color by applying a product like Cabot Australian Timber Oil annually, which is available from Amazon. Expect this product to provide approximately 15 years of normal outdoor use.

Cabot Australian Timber Oil Wood Finish

The Oxford Gardens company stands solidly behind its products with 1-, 3-, and 5-year limited warranties. Those that apply to this product include three years of coverage on hardware with respect to defects and structural failure; three years of coverage against insect infestation, wood rot, and structural failure; and one year of protection on replacement parts.

I contacted the manufacturer of this product, Oxford Garden, by email. A representative promptly answered my query and provided information on shorea wood and the weight capacity for this item.

A note on shorea wood: Although it is often harvested from a plantation, as opposed to a rainforest, shorea cultivation may displace indigenous people, and negatively impact the environment.

Key Features:

  • Shorea wood
  • 43” W X 24” D X 35” H
  • 51 pounds
  • 500-pound weight capacity
  • 15-year expected life
  • Age naturally or oil yearly
  • Craftsman style
  • Assembly required


  • Durable, rot and insect resistant
  • Affordable teak alternative
  • Trestle for stability


  • Color variations may occur as wood ages, particularly near hardware, unless oiled annually
  • Environmental concerns

The Wexford 43-Inch Natural Shorea Patio Bench is available from UtlimatePatio.com.

5. Cedar Countryside by Creekvine Designs

Manufactured of insect- and rot-resistant Western red cedar by Creekvine Designs in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, this product is made to last.

Reminiscent of Adirondack chairs and picnic tables, it weathers to a soft gray as it becomes an integral part of your outdoor landscape.

Measuring 60” W x 23” D x 33” H and weighing 35 pounds, it’s easy to assemble, and a pleasure to use. All edges are shaped and smoothed for comfort and safety.

Cedar Countryside Garden Bench, 5-Ft.

Western red cedar is often treated to retain its original warm color, as opposed to letting it weather to gray. Per communication with the manufacturer, red cedar should not be polyurethaned, but rather, t should be treated with a water-based stain/sealer.

Key Features:

  • Western red cedar and zinc-plated steel
  • 60” W x 23” D x 33” H
  • 35 pounds
  • 690-pound weight capacity
  • Adirondack inspired
  • Assembly required


  • Durable, rot and insect resistant
  • Exceptional weight capacity


  • Color variations may occur as wood ages, particularly near hardware, unless stained annually
  • Contact with red cedar wood may cause allergic reactions in some people

The 5’ Cedar Countryside Garden Bench by Creekvine Designs is available from Amazon.

6. Indoor/Outdoor Reclaimed Wood by Richland

Industrial meets rustic in this decorative and functional model.

A richly stained backless seat of reclaimed shorea wood rests upon bold and sturdy black powder-coated steel legs for a versatile indoor/outdoor piece that may be utilized as either a bench or a coffee table.

Brown wood and metal reclaimed wood bench, with a wicker basket and hat on top, and a pair of slip-on sneakers on the tile floor in front of it.

Richland Indoor/Outdoor Reclaimed Wood Bench

It has dimensions of 48″L x 16″W x 18″H, weighs 80 pounds, and may hold up to 250 pounds. Some assembly is required.

I was skeptical about the use of railroad ties for furniture, but shorea that has been used for railroad crossties in Southeast Asia is not treated with creosote as US ties are, making its reclamation an efficient way to recycle this durable and attractive wood.

An orange can of Sun Guard UV protectant spray, isolated on a white background.

SunGuard UV Protectant, available from Plow & Hearth

To extend the life of your product in the outdoors, Plow & Hearth recommends a yearly application of a UV protectant like SunGuard.

Key Features:

  • Reclaimed shorea wood railroad ties and powder-coated steel
  • 48″L x 16″W x 18″H
  • 80 pounds
  • 250-pound weight capacity
  • Backless rustic/industrial style
  • Assembly required


  • Each product has unique wood grain, texture, and color variations
  • Smaller environmental footprint with reclaimed wood
  • Indoor or outdoor use as bench or coffee table


  • Non-uniform wood may have uneven places
  • Maintenance recommended for products used outdoors

The Richland Indoor/Outdoor Reclaimed Wood Bench is available from Plow & Hearth.

7. Cynthia Teak Glider Bench by Bayou Breeze

This style has the added feature of being a glider, for gentle motion as you relax.

Made of insect-resistant, water-repellant 100 percent teak, here’s a slat-back bench with traditional styling to complement any décor. This is a beautiful, long-lasting product with a price to match, as teak is prized for its durability.

Cynthia Teak Glider Bench in a wooded backyard setting.

Cynthia Teak Glider Bench

The dimensions of this product are 37” H x 47.5” W x 27” D, it weighs 45 pounds, and it may hold up to 450 pounds distributed evenly.

Teak is a beautiful wood that starts out a warm brown, and weathers to a soft gray. The only maintenance required is the occasional soap and water wash-up, but if you’d like to preserve the original color, you may apply teak oil.

When buying teak, one cannot always be certain that it has been grown sustainably. This item is manufactured in Indonesia.

Key Features:

  • Teak, metal glider mechanism
  • 37” H x 47.5” W x 27” D
  • 45 pounds
  • 450-pound weight capacity
  • Traditional style
  • Assembly required


  • Durable, insect-resistant, and water-repellant
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Top quality wood and workmanship
  • Easy assembly


  • Moderately price (but not as expensive as other similar teak products)
  • Weathers to gray without oil
  • Eco-friendly sourcing may be difficult to ascertain

The Cynthia Teak Glider Bench is available from Wayfair.

8. X60 Wooden Backless by GloDea

This contemporary style features a slatted, backless seat with integral slatted, triangular legs. It’s the trendy collaboration of two talented designers, Ignacio Santos of Brazil, and Fabián Ramos of Columbia.

Made in the USA of Alabamian southern longleaf yellow pine, this model boasts a weather-resistant satin finish that’s available in 22 colors. It measures 55” L x 16” W x 16.5” H, weighs 33 pounds, and holds 600 pounds.

GloDea Xquare X60 Wooden Backless Garden Bench

GloDea prides itself on its eco-friendly operations, including packaging crafted of recycled materials.

While pine is a soft wood, it’s structurally sound and commonly used in building; however, it isn’t naturally insect and weather resistant.

Often it is pressure treated, and when it’s not, it requires the application of oils like Danish or linseed, to maintain its integrity. Such treatment is recommended for this product, as is off-season indoor storage.

In addition, pine products retain their natural scent, an allergen for some people.

Key Features:

  • Southern longleaf yellow pine and stainless-steel hardware
  • 55” L x 16” W x 16.5” H
  • 33 pounds
  • 600-pound weight capacity
  • Backless contemporary design
  • 22 colors
  • Assembly required


  • Affordable
  • Good structural integrity
  • Innovative design


    • Off-season storage advised
  • Maintenance with oil advised
  • Pine scent may cause allergy symptoms

The X60 Wooden Backless Garden Bench is available from Amazon.

9. Classic Vineyard by Little Cottage Company

The Little Cottage company and its Wildridge division are the manufacturers of recycled resin products like this traditional backless plank bench.

Constructed from UV-protected, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), this product is made to withstand temperature extremes. A contoured seat adds comfort and style, while a trestle support joins the legs for exceptional stability.

Little Cottage Company LCC-224 Classic Vineyard Bench, Tudor Brown

The dimensions of this classic piece are 47” L x 18” W x 18” H. It weighs just 35 pounds, yet boasts a weight capacity of 500.

Unlike wood, resin is not prone to insect infestation or deterioration. It’s virtually maintenance free, but wipe occasionally with mild soap and water to maintain a fresh, clean appearance.

Proudly made in the USA in Ohio, this durable seat comes in 16 colors, and assembly is available for an additional fee.

Key Features:

  • HDPE resin with stainless steel fasteners
  • 95% recycled materials
  • UV protection
  • Backless traditional with contour
  • 16 colors
  • Assembly required


  • Comfortable design
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Generous weight capacity
  • High density composition prevents cracking and melting
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Trestle for stability


  • Some folks just don’t like plastic

The Little Cottage Classic Vineyard Bench is available from Amazon.

10. Guyapi Outdoor Wood by Trent Austin Design

This generously proportioned model comfortably accommodates three in chic retro style.

Warm brown planks of natural acacia comprise the seat, while the clean lines of black tubular iron form integral back and arm rests. Triangular, tapered iron legs complete a design that evokes the mod ‘60s.

Guyapi metal and brown wood garden bench with modern look and triangular legs, on a patio with two glasses of beer, and potted plants in the background.

Guyapi Outdoor Wood Garden Bench

Trent Austin is known for crafting hip wood and metal furnishings for urban-inspired oases, and their choice of acacia translates to durability at an affordable price. Acacia weathers to a dark gray unless it is oiled annually, and it may be maintained with mild soap and water.

Some assembly is required. You may purchase an assembled product for an additional fee.

Key Features:

  • Acacia wood (solid and manufactured) and tubular iron
  • 26” H x 48” W x 18.25” D
  • Retro style
  • 31 pounds
  • 352-pound weight capacity
  • Assembly required


  • Affordable
  • Durable, rot and insect resistant
  • Retro style


  • Small feet may sink into soft ground
  • Weathers to gray unless oiled

The Guyapi Outdoor Wood Garden Bench is available from Wayfair.

11. Leora Acacia Wood by Beachcrest Home

Here’s a slat back, plank seat piece that makes a cozy retreat for two.

Made from resilient acacia wood, it’s both sturdy and affordable. And, Beachcrest Home has designed it with a timeless, classic look to suit any landscape decor.

Acacia weathers to a dark gray unless oiled yearly and is easily maintained with mild soap and water.

Acacia garden bench on a patio with blue and gray striped outdoor rug, round aqua tray with a small green plant and a pitcher of pink lemonade, against a white wall with a metal bird sculpture in the background, and a blue pillow with a crab on it beside a glass of lemonade and a small stack of books on the bench seat.

Leora Acacia Garden Bench in Teak

Beachcrest Home offers a 90-day warranty on this product.

Key Features:

  • Acacia with teak details
  • 35.25” H x 48.5” W x 25” D
  • 26.5 pounds
  • 300-pound weight capacity
  • Classic slat and plank style
  • 7 colors
  • Assembly required


  • Affordable
  • Durable, rot and insect resistant
  • 90-day limited warranty


  • Weathers to gray without oil
  • Lacks trestle support for added stability

The Leora Acacia Wood Garden Bench is available in seven designer colors from Joss & Main.

Many Ways to Sit and Gaze

Have I convinced you to come down off the deck to sit among the flowers and foliage that beautify your outdoor space?

Best Garden Benches Reviewed | GardenersPath.com

There are many models from which to choose, and now you have a starting point.

As we’ve seen, outdoor benches are made of various materials, including concrete, metal, and wood. You may find others made from materials like wicker, plastic, and plastic/wood composites.

In addition to an assortment of materials, they come in a vast array of styles, ranging from streamlined and contemporary to ornate and vintage.

Let’s narrow down the choices with a closer look.

Arms or No Arms?

The benefit of having arms at either end of a seat are two-fold. First, they provide a grasping place to facilitate safe and comfortable sitting and standing. Second, they are nice for resting an arm or a drink.

On the other hand, arms may make two visitors to your home feel restricted and uncomfortably close.

Back or Backless?

Having a backrest for support may provide comfort and contribute to relaxation.

However, the placement of a seat with a back provides a 180-degree view, as opposed to the 360-degree view offered by a backless seat that is approachable from all sides.

Solid or Slatted Seat?

A solid seat may be quite comfortable to sit on, but when it rains, water will pond on it, requiring drying before sitting, and possibly undermining your product’s finish over time.

On the other hand, a slatted seat promotes rainwater runoff, drying quicker, and helping to preserve your product’s finish.

Permanent or Portable?

A permanent model is generally the most expensive, and stays put. It’s too heavy to move around the yard, or store in the shed. Cast iron, concrete, and some wood models fall into this category.

The advantage of a seat that stays in place is that it becomes an integral part of its surroundings. If it weathers naturally, you have a maintenance-free seat to set and forget. If it requires oiling or painting, you’ll need to maintain it yearly.

If you choose a lightweight seat, you can move it around the yard to suit your needs, with the option of storing it indoors during inclement weather. Provided you heed the weight limits, and move it with care, a product of this nature can provide years of service for a budget-conscious price.

Among the Azaleas

A garden bench is an invitation to come down off the deck, feel grass between your toes, smell the flowers, and relax beneath shady trees.

Best Benches for Enjoying a Fresh Garden Review | GardenersPath.com

Choose a seat that reflects your personal style, and place it where you can enjoy relaxing and reading, sipping a cool drink, or chatting with a friend. Add creatively arranged outdoor lighting, for an attractive nighttime focal point.

My favorite bench wraps around an oak tree and has become a regular feature in my life. I share it with a family of gray squirrels that like to perch here to feast on an abundance of acorns in the fall.

In spring, I have an awesome view of azaleas, forsythia, and my most popular birdbath. And, an eyeful of black-eyed Susans and pink Echinacea in summer sparks my creative juices on lazy, hazy days.

Which bench will you select to add to your garden space? Come down into the yard and enjoy nature’s spectacular show!

We love to hear from our readers. Leave us a comment below with your questions, and share your ideas to make the most out of your outdoor space.

If you’re looking for other outdoor furniture, be sure to check out some of other buying guides such as:

Product photos via Campania International, Plow & Hearth, Belleze, Oxford Garden, Cabot, Wexford, Creekvine Designs, Richland, SunGuard, Wildon Home, GloDea, Little Cottage Company, Trent Austin Design, and Beachcrest Home. Uncredited photos: Shutterstock.

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