Troubleshooting Brown Leaves on Prayer Plants

Prayer plants are gorgeous foliage houseplants that thrive in humid conditions. But sometimes brown blemishes tarnish their beautifully patterned leaves. When your prayer plant’s leaves turn brown, there is a reason. Learn about the top 7 reasons prayer plant leaves turn brown and what to do about them in this guide.

3 Tips to Prevent Amaryllis Bulb Rot

A close up horizontal image of a bright red Hippeastrum flower pictured on a soft focus background.

Amaryllis bulbs can rot for a variety of reasons, like fungal infections or insect infestation, but some can be avoided. Are you doing everything you can to ensure beautiful blooms, and growing your decorative holiday plants in the best possible conditions? Read our top tips now to ensure healthy bulbs, indoors or out.

How to Grow and Care for Prayer Plants

Prayer plants – including calatheas, marantas, stromanthes, and ctenanthes – are colorful ornamentals with fascinating leaf patterns. These houseplants can be a bit challenging to keep happy, but they are worth the extra effort. Ready to learn more about growing and caring for prayer plants indoors? Read more now.

How to Spot Southern Blight Disease in Amaryllis Plants

A close up horizontal image of a Hippeastrum flower growing outdoors that is afflicted with a disease pictured on a soft focus background.

Whether grown in a pot or in your garden, amaryllis bulbs can be attacked by the pernicious disease known as southern blight. This fungus is extremely difficult to control, so preventing it is of the utmost importance. Read on to learn how to diagnose southern blight and prevent it from attacking your plants.

What To Do About Woody Stems on Your Christmas Cactus

A close up horizontal image of Schlumbergera foliage pictured on a soft focus background.

Tropical Christmas cactus is a relatively easy houseplant to grow. Native to the rainforests of South America, it thrives with indirect sunlight in organically-rich, well-draining potting medium. The fleshy stems are green and segmented, but sometimes they turn brown and become woody. Read on to learn what this means.

Why Is My Christmas Cactus Turning Yellow?

Tropical Christmas cactus is a rainforest epiphyte with beautiful blooms that has become a popular houseplant. It thrives in indirect sunlight, and organically-rich, well-draining potting medium. It has green segmented stems that sometimes turn yellow. Read on to find out why this happens and what you can do about it.

How to Grow Christmas Carol Aloe: Anti-Sting and Makes You Sing!

A close up horizontal image of a 'Christmas Carol' aloe with green spiky leaves accented in shades of red, growing in a terra cotta pot.

Christmas Carol aloe has green leaves with red accents and is shaped like a star. This easygoing succulent is also suitable for growing outdoors in USDA Hardiness Zones 9-11. Use the leaves to soothe minor burns, or let it shine as part of your festive holiday decor. Learn how to care for Christmas Carol aloe now.

How to Revive a Wilting Spider Plant

A close up horizontal image of a spider plant that has turned brown and is starting to wilt set on a concrete surface.

Feeling stumped on what to do when a spider plant wilts? Imprecise levels of water and sunlight, insufficient nutrients, and cramped pots can all lead to unhappy withered plants. Continue on for the information you need to identify common causes of wilting in spider plants, and learn how to revive drooping foliage.

How to Identify and Control 7 Common Christmas Cactus Pests

A close up horizontal image of the foliage, or segmented stems of a Christmas cactus plant growing in a terra cotta pot.

Christmas cactus is a popular gift at holiday time that makes an attractive and long-lived houseplant. By manipulating its growing conditions, you can enjoy an abundance of blooms every year. Generally low-maintenance, sometimes a plant is troubled by pests. Read on to learn which ones they are and how to manage them.

21 of the Most Stunning Species of Prayer Plants to Grow at Home

Prayer plants are cherished for their unusual habit of lifting their leaves up at night, but also for their dazzling array of colors and patterns. From highly symmetrical markings to impressionistic marbling, discover 21 of the most gorgeous prayer plants you can keep in your home. To meet these stunners, keep reading.

How to Grow and Care for Spider Plants

The spider plant is loved for its bright foliage and masses of baby plantlets. It’s very resilient, will adapt to different growing conditions, and makes an excellent choice for beginners. And it’s a fast grower, helping you fill your home with greenery quickly. Keep reading to learn more about growing this houseplant.

Is Christmas Cactus Toxic to Cats?

A close up horizontal image of a Schlumbergera in a white pot with bright red flowers set on a wooden surface.

In certain circumstances, cats and houseplants can be a lethal combination. But what about Christmas cactus? This popular, easy-care houseplant provides a cascade of color in the holiday season, but is it safe for households with pets? Learn about whether Christmas cactus is safe for cats in this guide. Read more now.

Are Peace Lilies Toxic to Cats?

A close up horizontal image of a large gray cat sniffing the leaf of a peace lily plant growing in an orange container, pictured in bright sunshine.

Cats that have eaten peace lilies may show symptoms ranging from sudden yowling to an upset stomach. If your cat is pawing at its face after eating your houseplant, it’s important to know what to do! While less harmful than true lilies, the toxicity of this plant is not to be taken lightly. Read on to learn more.

Why Is My Christmas Cactus Turning Purple?

Christmas cactus is a relatively trouble-free, easy-care houseplant that puts on a show of abundant tropical blooms during the holiday season. Sometimes you may notice that the segmented stems are no longer green, but purplish-red. Read on to discover what may cause this to happen, and what you can do to prevent it.

How to Grow and Care for Peace Lily

Looking to add some greenery to your indoor space? Peace lilies are ideal houseplants that are lovely to look at, and simple to care for. Low maintenance? Check. Few issues with pests and disease? Check. Minimal light needs? Check. Learn how to grow and care for peace lilies in this guide. Read more now.

What Is the Best Potting Mix for Christmas Cactus?

If you grow Christmas cactus, the time may come when it needs repotting, and that means you’ll need an appropriate potting mix. There are many products available for cacti, but the ingredients vary. Learn what essential elements are required for healthy growth, and how to make your own perfect potting mix. Read more now.

How to Grow Norfolk Island Pine, Your Living Christmas Tree

When you bring home a Norfolk Island pine for the holidays, this is one Christmas tree you won’t have to take out to the curb when the festivities have ended. These evergreen conifers make excellent houseplants – however, there are a few tricks to preventing them from outgrowing your home. Keep reading to learn more.

Why Do I See Hair-Like Roots on My Christmas Cactus?

A close up horizontal image of a Christmas cactus with bright pink flowers and small hair-like roots growing between the leaf segments, pictured on a soft focus background.

If you’re an indoor gardener, there’s a good chance that you have a Christmas cactus that bursts into a profusion of blooms every year. In caring for it, have you ever noticed hair-like growths sprouting from between the stem segments? These are aerial roots. Read on to learn what they can tell us about plant health.