How to Start Worm Farming: Adventures in Composting and Vermiculture

Shovel Holding Worms |

Are you looking to recycle your food trash and improve your garden soil at the same time? Trhy vermicomposting, Grow your own earthworms and turn your food trash into valuable compost that can be applied straight to your plants or made into a manure tea! Find out all you need to know now!

Teaming with Microbes: A Fresh Review for Today’s Gardeners

Close up of a white beneficial fungus spreading across the soil.

Teaming With Microbes was a landmark guide for raising awareness of the soil food web in 2006 – and promoting more environmentally aware, chemical-free gardening techniques – fueling an organic food revolution. Does it still apply today? Read more on Gardener’s Path now, and find out why you should toss out those chemical pesticides and fertilizers!

The Basics of Composting

Compost with Kitchen Scraps |

Have you decide to make the jump to a more organic lifestyle & want to know how to recycle your kitchen waste into compost? Read our guide and find out.