Bats Beat Bugs: Welcoming Bats Into the Garden

Bats beat bugs in the garden. Learn how to welcome them to your backyard. |

Let’s put our hands together for the bats! These flying critters are vital in the backyard and offer their services as bug catchers of the highest caliber. By offering bats a place to roost in your garden, you can encourage them to make regular appearances, offering their mosquito-catching skills. To learn the benefits of bats, plus tips to build your very own bat box, read more now on Gardener’s Path.

Winter Bird Feeders Entertain as Well as Nourish

Winter Bird Feeders Entertain as Well as Nourish |

One of my favorite things to do during the winter is to put food out for the birds. Not only does this activity nourish the birds during the hardest time of the year, but I find it immensely entertaining to watch who comes in for dinner. For several years, I served as one of Cornell …

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