Kale Spacing: How Far Apart to Plant for the Best Harvest

Neat rows of large, mature kale plants, intercropped with cabbage and other vegetables. In the center of the frame is a light green curly variety, and to its right a large purple variety.

Curious how much space to leave between each of the kale plants in your garden? By spacing these leafy green vegetables just right, it will be easy to care for and harvest your crop throughout your growing season. To find out the best spacing recommendations for your kale varieties and harvesting plans, read more now.

What’s the Difference Between Male and Female Asparagus Plants?

Young asparagus spears growing in the garden showing the bright green stalks and slightly darker heads, with a garden scene in soft focus in the background.

Asparagus, the reigning edible perennial of the backyard vegetable garden, has both male and female plants. But how does this affect the way you grow and harvest these delicious spring veggies? Keep reading to learn more about the difference between male and female asparagus plants – and why it matters.

9 of the Best White Eggplant Varieties

A close up of five harvested aubergines, four white ones of various shapes and one purple one set on a rustic wooden background.

Looking for something unique that will really stand out in your veggie garden this year? These nine white eggplant varieties will glow as they grow. Usually less bitter than purple cultivars, white varieties come in different shapes and sizes. To learn more about these delicious white eggplant cultivars, keep reading.

How to Harvest Beet Greens

A close up top down picture of beet greens growing in the garden with bright green leaves and dark red stems and veins.

Are you curious about harvesting the leaves from your beet plants to use in the kitchen? Cooking up tasty plant-based dishes with this often overlooked source of fresh greens is a great way to reduce food waste and add another healthy vegetable to your diet. To learn how and when to harvest beet greens, read more now.

Sun Recommendations for Planting Kale

A close up of Tuscan and purple kale plants growing together in the garden in bright sunshine with metal stakes in between them.

Choosing to grow kale in the home garden is an excellent choice. Who doesn’t want a fresh patch of healthy leafy greens to pick from, right in the backyard? But knowing how much sunshine per day this cruciferous vegetable requires? That’s another question. To find out how much sun to provide your kale, read more now.

Is Kale an Annual or a Perennial?

A top down picture of different types of kale growing in an autumn garden surrounded by yellow and brown leaves.

A vegetable garden favorite, kale is a reliable producer of healthy leafy greens. But is this cruciferous vegetable an annual or a perennial? We’ll have to go back to the birds and the bees to fully understand kale’s life cycle. To find out when to expect flowering and seed heads from your kale plants, keep on reading.

9 of the Best Cold Hardy Cherry Trees

Branch of chokecherry (Prunus virginiana) with ripe berries.

Think it’s impossible to find a cold-hardy cherry tree that will survive in cold, northern climates? On the contrary – you can harvest delicious cherries, sweet or sour, so long as you pick the right variety. Discover the 9 best cold-tolerant cultivars that will produce your summer cherry bumper crop. To get the sweet lowdown, keep reading.

7 of the Best Cold Hardy Apricot Trees

Ripe fruit on a cold hardy apricot tree.

Ready to grow flavorful homegrown apricots in your chilly northern climate? If you plant the best cold-hardy varieties, you’ll be sure to harvest a bounty of sweet fruit. Discover the best cold tolerant apricot cultivars to ensure a bumper summer crop, and defy the dreaded late frost. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Care for Poinsettia After the Holidays

A close up of a Euphorbia pulcherrima plant with bright red bracts contrasting with the dark green leaves on a soft focus green background.

Don’t throw your fading poinsettia out after the holidays! With the right care, these showy plants will thrive in your home all year long. Under the right conditions, they will produce vivid color again just in time for the holidays. Learn all you need to know about growing poinsettias indoors.

How to Grow and Care for Christmas Cactus

With its bright and colorful blossoms, Christmas cactus is a gorgeous houseplant to have around during the holidays. To make sure this succulent plant produces vivid flowers to brighten your holidays year after year, it will need the right conditions. Learn more about growing and caring for Christmas cactus.

23 Colorful Houseplants to Warm Up Your Home This Winter

A close up of the red and green foliage of the evergreen houseplant, Aglaonema.

Wintertime can be dreary. Why not brighten things up with colorful houseplants? Learn about 23 of our favorites to find the best options suited to your indoor conditions and decor. From fresh and tropical to old school, plants are available in your favorite colors that are sure to thrive in your home. Read more now.

The Best Companion Plants to Grow with Kale

A close up of a raised garden bed with mature, healthy Tuscan kale growing amongst bright nasturtium flowers, an other leafy vegetable plants in light sunshine.

Planting kale in your vegetable garden? You’ll want to know the best common companion plants for this garden veggie. If so, you have come to the right place. Learn which plants will attract beneficial insects, repel pests, provide ground cover, and act as nitrogen fixers for this garden staple. Read more now.

How to Store Carrots In the Ground

A close up of freshly harvested carrots, the wet soil still on the roots. The background is the green foliage of the tops which are still attached.

When it’s time to harvest your crops, have you ever wondered what to do with an overabundance of root vegetables? What if your homegrown carrots could be left in the soil for the winter? Leaving carrots in the ground is a great way to keep them fresh during the winter months – given the right conditions. Read more now.

How to Grow Carrots in the Garden

A close up of carrots in the ground, almost ready for harvest with their orange root tops showing. Green foliage attached and rich dark soil around them.

Carrots may be the ultimate health food. The only way to make them healthier and more delicious is to grow them yourself! Add these beauties to the vegetable patch, and you can enjoy them in all the shades of the rainbow. And you’ll get the freshest root vegetables you’ve ever tasted. Keep reading to learn more.

Fall Garden Planting Design Guide: Create a Cozy & Inviting Autumn Oasis

Autumnal scene in low sunshine. A metal arbor with a green vine is surrounded by ornamental grasses and shrubs, in the background are trees in soft focus.

Create a cozy, inviting autumn oasis in your own yard by choosing the right plants and design elements. For a fall garden that delights the senses and warms the spirit, make sure to plan your design with attention to color, texture, shape, and light. To learn more about creating your own fall garden design, read on.

Spice Up Your Garden with Fall Decor: Decorating Ideas for Autumn

Straw bales with a display of autumn vegetables and fruit. A curved wicker basket with the fresh produce cascading out of it. In the background are flowers, yellow and red.

Spice up your fall garden with seasonal decorations, ranging from the classic (pumpkins and straw bales) to the whimsical (lanterns and fairies). Whether elegant or rustic, bring hints of harvest season warmth to your outdoor landscape this autumn. Read on for ideas to complete your very own fall garden decor.

How to Plant an Autumn Vegetable Garden

A close up of a man's hand, planting a garlic bulb in a small furrow in the soil. His other hand is holding a wicker basket, containing more garlic bulbs. The background is soft focus soil and grass.

Carrots, and cabbage, and collards, oh my! Fall is here and it’s time to head back to the garden to plant your autumn vegetable crops. For a bountiful harvest from your fall veggie patch, there are a few tips and tricks you’ll need before you sow your seeds and transplant your seedlings. Ready to learn more? Read on!