What to Do if Your Palm Tree Is Dropping Fronds

A close up horizontal image of a palm tree silhouetted against a red sky at sunset.

Get expert advice on saving palm trees that have lost their fronds. The key steps involve assessing the plant’s health, addressing any issues like nutrient deficiencies or pests, and providing proper irrigation and pruning. By following these guidelines, palm trees can be revived and restored to their majestic state.

How to Water Apple Trees

A close up horizontal image of ripe apples growing on the tree, ready for harvest, pictured in bright sunshine on a blue sky background.

Irrigation is a crucial element of fruit tree care. For healthy apple trees with abundant yields, it’s important to provide sufficient moisture. In this guide, we cover how much water apple trees require – which depends on a variety of factors – and how and when to provide supplemental irrigation. Read more now.

How to Grow and Care for Elm Trees

A horizontal image of elm trees growing in a park with sunlight through the canopy.

Elms are strong trees that can grow in various climates, making them a common sight in parks and public spaces. They are a popular choice for landscaping due to their resilience and iconic features. We cover the cultivation, propagation, and maintenance of elm trees, as well as tips for growing. Read more now.