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Using the Natural Enviroment In Lanscaping |

A Gardener’s Notes: Making Peace With Boulders

We arrived here in rural Rhode Island in time to catch the end of Spring and now Summer is slipping into Autumn. In these three months I can’t say that I have metamorphosed into a master gardener like Penelope Hobson or that our five New England acres in any way resemble the great gardens she…

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Reinventing the Cottage Garden With Todays Busy Lifestyle | Gardener's Patch

Reinventing the Cottage Garden With Today’s Busy Lifestyle

Are you one of today’s harried urban gardeners, with less time to putter but more need to relax? Feel married to your lawn most of the year, but not particularly happy with the high-maintenance ol’ gal? Time demands on today’s busy homeowners don’t leave much spill-over for outdoor necessaries such as mowing, fertilizing, mulching and…

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Xeroscaping Works in All Regions |

Xeroscaping Works in All Regions

One of gardening’s largest recent trends is xeroscaping, the all-natural approach to garden and landscape design. Contrary to popular belief, xeroscaping is not solely focused on water conservation, although reduced watering is often an added benefit. Many people, when they think of xeroscaping, envision simply plunking a handful of drought-tolerant plants in a rocky hillside…

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Planting Vine Based Vegetables |

Planting Vine Based Vegetables

In all of the things that a gardener can choose to grow one popular choice is growing vine crops. Growing vine crops doesn’t have to be hard and if you live an area where they do well you can get yourself a nice crop of such plants as pumpkins, squash, watermelons and cucumbers just to…

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Add Wicker Furniture and Accessories to Your Backyard

Would you like to add an extra decorative element to your garden? If so, wicker could be the perfect addition for you. Although once not appropriate for long-term outdoor use, wicker items can now be treated to stay outdoors for extended periods of time. Varnishing, painting, and waterproofing are techniques that can prevent this material…

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Alliums Transform Your Yard For Weeks |

Alliums Transform Your Yard For Weeks

Alliums are beautiful bulb flowers that are actually ornamental onions, and the blooms are absolutely gorgeous. Alliums typically consist of a perfect sphere of hundreds of tiny flowers, and each are elegantly perched atop a single sturdy stem. No other flower compares to this breath taking display of color. This species is definitely a unique…

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Hanging tools in the shed|

Maintaining Your Hand Tools

Garden tools that have been properly maintained will allow you to work more efficiently and you will also save more money in the long run. Letting your equipment fall into a degraded state is always a waste since you will simply have to purchase new if yours detoriate to the point that the various devices…

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Tips on Lighting Your Garden

From 500-watt security lights to a dozen or so strategically placed tea lights on the decking, lighting your garden can be an illuminating business. So why bother to brighten your garden at night? Well, it’s a cliché but true al l the same – many of us now see the garden as an extra room,…

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